About Us

The story behind ALT90

Thank you for visiting ALT90, a one-stop shop to some of the most carefully selected products for your day-to-day use.


ALT90 was founded by Zoeb (AKA Zee) in 2020 (with huge support and motivation from family & friends) after working on setting up a couple of Online business for others selling on platforms like Amazon & eBay over the past 10 years.  Online sales over the past decade have multiplied exponentially due to the ease of buying something from the comfort of your house or office by simply clicking through your mobile phones, and it is very safe to do so as well. 

One of the most pressing issues with buying anything online is ‘Customer Service’.  While most online transactions go smoothly, there is always a possibility of a delivery getting delayed, or lost, or a product that you have bought has a fault!  When something like this happens, it takes at least 24 hours for most sellers to reply to you, and this could be a long time when you are looking for a resolution. 

At ALT90, our focus is always offering a personal and prompt service, and you will get a response or a phone call from us within a maximum of 5 hours of you contacting us!  We relentlessly try to take the ‘hassle’ out of customer service and that is what sets us apart from our competitors.  Whether you have a question about any of our products, or a return query, you will always get a prompt response and a stress-free resolution,

We are a family business and what we mean by that is all customers form part of our family so we will always try our best to look after our family.  That sounds cheesy, right?  Go ahead and give us a chance to serve you and you will see the truth behind our words.

Feel free to contact us on info@alt90.com for any queries.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving you soon!